Understanding accountability relations in their WASH context and planning improvement actions

Ensuring the sustainability of investments in the WASH sector remains a major challenge in many parts of the world. WASH projects still fail within a few years of completion, putting access to safe and sustainable drinking water and sanitation at risk. Communities that still have access to water and sanitation services struggle with poor service provision. Good governance of the WASH sector, within an accountability framework, is crucial for the national sector to deliver sustainable results at scale. 

This brochure presents an overview of the WASH Accountability Mapping Tools, a set of methods developed for assisting groups in understanding accountability relations in their WASH context and planning improvement actions. Accountability mapping tools are participatory instruments developed to assess the status and quality of accountability lines within the water and sanitation sector. They enable participants to review practices in any country at the local or sector level. The mapping helps to identify the accountability weaknesses to be addressed, the actors who should be engaged in this work and potential improvement actions. 


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