Fostering collaboration and new knowledge in the Communities of Practice of UNDP

SparkBlue is a digital platform curated by facilitators and advisors across UNDP, connecting internal Communities of Practice and external, multi-stakeholder engagements that empower UN entities to engage in creating new knowledge and distilling critical learning insights in real-time. 

With a suite of tools and features, SparkBlue empowers UN agencies to think out loud, learn from each other, connect, collaborate and co-create. It drives inclusive and measurable engagements that empower collaborative learning, discussion, and collective intelligence.

Spanning e-discussions, challenges, e-courses, webinars, interactive dashboards, SparkBlue is accessible to anyone, anywhere. It’s an effort for the UN community to jointly scale up our efforts to become more inclusive, incorporating a broader variety of voices and viewpoints in our work for the Decade of Action.  



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