A Toolkit for Design, Monitoring and Evaluation

The Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) Monitoring and Evaluation toolkit helps development practitioners design conflict and gender-sensitive PVE initiatives, including monitoring strategies, data collection approaches, evaluation and learning considerations to enable identification of risks, and concrete lessons learned.



Risk-Informed Development Tools - Peace and Conflict Analysis and Humanitarian Response


Guidelines and diagnosticsTraining and capacity building programmes

Country case


UNDP leads support to an all-of-UN, whole-of-society approach to PVE in Tunisia coordinated by the National Counter-Terrorism Commission. To further strengthen UNDP’s support to evidence-based development and implementation of Tunisia’s PVE National Action Plan, UNDP used this tool to build capacities of UN entities, government institutions and civil society partners to mainstream human rights and relevant quality data sources into the planning and implementation processes. Immediate outcomes of this support include a budgeted monitoring framework and a civil society led research initiative that enables inclusive implementation of the National Action Plan. These steps lay the foundation for a participatory approach to identify the concrete impact and response to risks of interventions under the National Action Plan.