Acceleration Dialogues Resource

The UNDP Portfolio Sensemaking and Acceleration (Sensemaking) workshop is a facilitated and structured conversation that unfolds over the course of two-three days and is designed to create space for teams to learn together and create meaning from their current work. Ultimately, the process provides a dynamic and active way of shaping (and managing) a team’s portfolio of work and/or a set of policy interventions so it is continually coherent with the kinds of changes happening outside of the organization. The intention of Portfolio Sensemaking is to maximize the impact and effectiveness of a team’s work by asking: 

Why do we have this particular set of projects? Why now? 

Are these projects relevant and coherent to the (current and emergent) needs of the country, communities, and government(s)?  

How can we do more with the resources already invested on the ground (e.g., our relationships, funding, current projects, knowledge, experience)? 



- Acceleration – System Thinking and Dynamic Simulation Models


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