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MAPS: Mainstreaming, Acceleration and Policy Support

MAPS is the United Nations development system's common approach

to supporting country implementation of the Global Goals. This tool can help governments to land the 2030 Agenda at local and national levels (Mainstreaming); support national stakeholders and governments to target resources at leverage points to sustainable development, paying special attention to synergies and trade-offs across sectors (Acceleration); provide coordinated policy support to countries that demand it, making the thematic expertise housed in different UN entities available in an effective and coherent way (Policy Support).

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Conflict and development analysis (CDA)
The Conflict and Development Analysis (CDA) tool helps UN staff and other practitioners gain a deeper understanding of conflict drivers, conflict stakeholders, key dynamics and engines of peace.
The CDA contributes to the development of clear and attainable peace building programming and policy objectives, as well as indicators for measuring and monitoring results. The analysis can be conducted as part of a strategic planning process, in anticipation of a new programme with key conflict dimensions, or in light of a potential trigger event such as elections, referendums or changes in government. 

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SDG Primer

Integrated solutions require a common understanding of sustainable development.

UNDP has helped develop an SDG Primer course for the UN and its partners, providing a foundational overview of the 2030 Agenda that brings all stakeholders onto the same page and towards a common basis for action. This e-course is a critical new tool to help us shift from business as usual to accelerated progress and impact, forging new partnerships and coalitions.