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Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF)

An Integrated National Financing Framework is a tool for governments and their partners to finance the SDGs at the national level.

The framework analyses all financing sources and non-financial means of implementation available to a country and designs a financing strategy to mobilise resources, manage risks, and achieve sustainable development targets.

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Climate, land-use, energy and water systems (CLEWS) models

Climate, land-use, energy and water systems (CLEWS) models are tools for simultaneous consideration of food, energy and water security, targeting governments and policy makers.

The models are designed to assess how production and use of these resources may contribute to climate change, and how climate change may affect resource systems. By comparing different technologies and value chains, the models can identify pressure points, and indicate synergies and trade-offs to reach development goals. CLEWS can analyse policy decisions on issues such as the promotion of clean energy, competition for water and agricultural modernisation.