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Migration, Environment and Climate Change: Training Manual

The Migration, Environment and Climate Change: Training Manual (Facilitators’ Guide) provides an in-depth overview on the co

ncepts of the migration-environment nexus, mobility and disasters and slow-onset events, data, legal issues, regional perspectives, and a step-by-step roadmap on how to integrate human mobility into policies, including climate change adaptation policies.  

The Training Manual aims to stimulate and equip policymakers to reflect on policy options and examples of good practice, facilitate policy dialogues, and support the development of policy frameworks at national and regional levels. The Facilitators’ Guide also helps enhance the capacity of policymakers to contribute to key policy processes, in particular the climate negotiations and national and regional disaster risk reduction and climate policies, contributing to more practical on-the-ground activities addressing the migration-environment nexus. 

The Training Manual was developed through a process of collaboration with MECLEP partners, experts and policymakers, and has been pilot tested in seven countries before its release. 

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Social and Behaviour Change Communication Model
The Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) model is different from the older ‘awareness raising’ and Behaviour Change Communications models, as it brings in systematic, socio-ecological
thinking within communication initiatives. SBCC is an approach to engaging people on individual or community levels, to foster community dialogue and action.