SDG Integration Snapshots

UNDP is implementing integrated solutions across the globe to respond to complex development challenges and accelerate progress towards the SDGs.

Stories and Updates

  • Join UNDP on Wednesday, 14 July 2021, 7.30-8.30 a.m. EDT for a side event to the High-level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development on “Learning Insights: Leading Systems Transformation in the Decade of Action”.

    In January 2021, UNDP launched a series of Global Dialogues and a UN Action Learning Lab to strengthen systems leadership capabilities for the Decade of Action. The 4-month Lab was advanced as a collaborative powered by UNDP’s integration function, with FAO, UNHCR, UN Women, UNCDF, UNV, UNEP and DPPA/DPO, and facilitated by the Presencing Institute.

    Moderated by Laurel Patterson, Head, UNDP SDG Integration Team, with opening remarks from Haoliang Xu, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director of Bureau for Policy and Programme Support, this event will showcase learning insights on systems transformation through the experience of the UN Action Learning Lab and explore implications for its application in development contexts.

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  • How can we address a historic SDG reversal that we are witnessing?

    This brief note, authored by Laurel Patterson (Head of SDG Integration, UNDP) and George Gray Molina (Head of Strategic Policy Engagement, UNDP) reviews three emerging response and recovery pathways and provides a glimpse of the future from UNDP’s perspective on the ground across the globe.

    Download the note here.

    Originally published on Revista Índice.

  • Are you interested in finding out about how scenario modelling can be useful for youth-led policy and advocacy work?

    Join UNDP and Restless Development for a practical session on findings, approaches and data sets on UNDP’s COVID-19 Data Futures Platform. We will explore UNDP’s recently launched cutting-edge research which assesses the impact of COVID-19 on the Sustainable Development Goals and focus on youth engagement in data collection and analysis for SDG implementation

    Tune in to hear from young people on youth engagement in #data collection and analysis for SDG implementation:

    ➡️ In case you missed it, watch the recording of the event here.

  • Join the launch webinar of The SDG Acceleration Toolkit (password: SDGtoolkit) on Wednesday, May 12th at 9am EDT to get equipped with the latest and most advanced tools to accelerate progress toward the 2030 Agenda and support the COVID-19 socio-economic response. Originally launched in 2017 by the UNSDG, this refreshed version gathers over 100 tools for analyzing system interconnections, enhancing policy coherence, ensuring that no one is left behind, identifying risks, and building resilience. During this webinar, policy experts will showcase concrete and practical examples of how integrated policy tools can be applied at country level and how they can be useful in your work. 

    ➡️ In case you missed it, watch the recording of the event here.

  • UNDP's latest groundbreaking research considers COVID impact on the SDGs using advanced scenario modelling, to assess three potential recovery trajectories, capturing the multidimensional effects of the pandemic, viable pathways, and credible policy options for SDG progress over the next decade. 

    Join the High-Level Roundtable on Wednesday, 5 May, 12.30 - 1.30 PM EDT as we dive deeper into these findings with the Administrator, the Permanent Representatives of Egypt, the Philippines and the Republic of Korea, and the Research Director of Stockholm Environment Institute, moderated by the Director of the Regional Bureau for Arab States. 

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    ➡️ In case you missed it, watch the recording of the event here.

  • How can data help us rethink solutions to crises and trigger a real change for development aid to address fragility? Join the Development Dialogues on Thursday, April 1st at 2:00pm - 3:30pm CET / 8:00am – 9:30am EDT to explore how innovative approaches and new technologies can measure and track fragility and crisis risks. 

    This discussion will be moderated by Peter Batchelor (UNDP Head of Conflict and Fragility Policy and Engagement) and will feature Laurel Patterson (UNDP Head of SDG Integration), David Hammond (Research Director, Institute for Economics and Peace), Ramiz Uddin (Head of Experimentation, UNDP Bangladesh), Martine Jahre (Peace and Development Specialist, UN Ethiopia) and Lilian Abou Zeki (Head of Solutions Mapping, UNDP Lebanon).

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  • Take a deep dive into the world of and tune in on March 26th at 3:45pm CET / 10:45am EDT for an interactive 'How to' workshop at the SDG Global Festival of Action on our new Data Futures Platform to learn more about how to use different types of data, analyses, insights and simulators to accelerate SDG progress in country contexts to inform evidence-based policy decisions. Special guests will share learnings from Moldova and Sri Lanka. Register here!

  • How can our actions today lead to change tomorrow? Tune in to the SDG Global Festival of Action on March 26th at 2pm CET / 9am EDT, for a conversation on strategies that can help us make decisions in a noisy world to find the “acupuncture points” of change. 

    The panel will feature Laurel Patterson (UNDP Head of SDG Integration), Otto Scharmer (senior lecturer at the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and co-founder of the Presencing Institute) and Violet Baffor (UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Liberia). 

  • Stay tuned for the Istanbul Innovation Days session on March 24th at 5:45pm CET / 12:45 EDT. The session will focus on seeing reality from the margins of the system and has an overarching frame about invisibility and how we see and sense those invisibilities. 

    Join the conversation with Laurel Patterson (UNDP Head of SDG Integration), Pedro Conceicao (Director of the Human Development Report Office), Melanie Goodchild (First Nations Canadian and Founder and Co-Director of the Turtle Island Institute an Indigenous social innovation ‘think & do’ tank), and Otto Scharmer (senior lecturer at the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and co-founder of the Presencing Institute). 

  • Building from the Human Development Report 2020, our new 'Transformation Dialogue Series' introduces a different way of changing development systems by situating the ‘self’ within ‘systems’ and facilitating a reflexive process.

    Join the discussions and engage with invited thought leaders on SparkBlue.