Designing, implementing and monitoring policies in line with the SDGs for local stakeholders

Localizing the SDGs Toolbox facilitates an articulated set of tools to support local stakeholders and their networks, under the leadership of local, regional and national governments. The Toolbox seeks to raise awareness of the SDGs among local and national actors, by improving their knowledge of the 2030 Agenda, familiarize them with the implications, opportunities and challenges in localizing it, and urge stakeholders to fully realize their crucial role. As an advocacy platform, it also seeks to create an enabling environment for the localization process, to support local ownership and to ensure the SDGs integration in sub-national strategies and plans. The Toolbox takes stock and reviews existing tools and best practices that are reliable and replicable, and systematizes outputs and avails the findings to policy-makers, local officers, experts and actors of local relevance.



Integration Tools - Institutional/Policy Coherence and Coordination for the SDGs


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