A one-stop-shop for the latest resources to support the achievement of the Global Goals, this Knowledge Bank includes UNDP’s SDG Integration tools as well as the SDG Acceleration Toolkit developed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG). You can choose to access both or either by checking or unchecking the box “See only SDG Acceleration Toolkit” below.


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Early Warning Action Quarterly Report on Food Security and Agriculture

Analysing disaster risks to food security and agriculture

Economics of Adaptation Toolkit

Integrating climate change adaptation into national, sub-national and sector planning and budgeting

Effective Vaccine management Assessment Tool

Setting a standard for the vaccine supply chain

Emergency Events Database: The International Disaster Database

Assessing disaster situations for informed decision-making

Environmental Migration Portal

A one-stop service for information exchange on the migration-environment nexus

Evaluating Participatory Modelling

Modelling resource

Financing Solutions for Sustainable Development Toolkit

Unlocking and directing sources of finance toward realising the SDGs

Fiscal Space for Social Protection and the SDGs

Expanding social investments

Forecast-based Financing - Anticipatory Actions for Food Security

Disaster mitigation at the local level

Foresight Manual

Empowering Futures for the 2030 Agenda


Acceleration Dialogues Resource

Gender Responsive Budgeting

Analysing Budget Programmes from a Gender Perspective

Gender-based Violence and COVID-19

Addressing gender-based violence through dedicated actions and strategies

Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System

Bridging the information and coordination gaps after major disasters

Guide for the Sustainable Development Analysis Grid

Systematic analysis of the SDGs 

Guide to Data Innovation for Development

Leveraging new sources of data for a better understanding of development challenges

Guide to SDG Interactions: From Science to Implementation

Interactions between the SDGs
 PNUD Mali 018 Election

Handbook for the Preparation of Voluntary National Reviews

Reviewing progress on the SDGs

How to build a National Multidimensional Poverty Index

Analysing the many ways in which people are left behind

How to Integrate Gender into Socio-Economic Assessments

Gender-Responsive COVID‑19 Impact Assessment


Monitoring, tracking, and predicting global hunger


Database of national labour, social security, and human rights legislation

Improving the Impact of Preventing Violent Extremism Programming

A Toolkit for Design, Monitoring and Evaluation

INFORM - Risk, Severity and Warning

Developing shared, quantitative analysis for humanitarian crises and disasters

Institutional and Context Analysis

Implementing programmes and policies

Institutional and Coordination Mechanisms

Mobilizing institutions around the SDGs

Integrated Context Analysis

Strengthening the design, planning and implementation of programmes to achieve food security

Integrated National Financing Framework for Sustainable Development

Financing the SDGs at the national level

Integrating Migrants in Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery in Their Host Countries

Improving the capacity to understand migrants’ needs in the face of crises.

Integrating Migration Into International Cooperation and Development

Including migrants in development cooperation sectors