A one-stop-shop for the latest resources to support the achievement of the Global Goals, this Knowledge Bank includes UNDP’s SDG Integration tools as well as the SDG Acceleration Toolkit developed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG). You can choose to access both or either by checking or unchecking the box “See only SDG Acceleration Toolkit” below.


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A Human Rights Approach to Data

Systematic data collection and disaggregation

A Manual on the Design and Conduct of Public Expenditure Reviews in Caribbean Countries

Applications to Education, Health, Agriculture and Social Protection

A Toolbox: Planning Relocations to Protect People from Disasters and Environmental Change

Understanding and incorporating fundamental elements of the Planned Relocation Process

Adapting to Climate Change: Methods and Tools for Climate Risk Management

Adaptation planning process

Alert and Ongoing Disasters Database

Mapping disasters and disaster alerts

Automated Disaster Analysis and Mapping

Data harvesting, analysis and mapping of natural hazard events

Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at Local Level

Helping countries minimize the health, environmental and economic costs of disasters

Biodiversity Finance Policy and Institutional Review

Diverting more finance towards global and national biodiversity goals

Budgeting for the SDGs

Sustainable Finance resource

CGE modelling

Modelling resource

Climate Action Impact Tool

Assessing SDG impacts of climate project and programmes

Climate Change Risks and Adaptation

Linking Policy and Economics

Climate, Land-use, Energy and Water Systems Models

Assessing how production and use of resources affect climate change

Combos approach

Implementing the 2030 Agenda – from planning to evaluation

Conflict Analysis for Sustaining Peace

Ensuring conflict sensitivity and prevention and sustaining peace

Conflict Analysis Practice Note

Enabling more integrated conflict analysis

Conflict and Development Analysis

Identifying and analysing underlying root causes of conflicts

Copernicus Emergency Management Service

Mapping emergency response

COVID-19 and Gender Monitor

Tracking the pandemic's impact on women

Crisis Risk Dashboard

Contextual risk analysis


Capturing developments for sudden-onset disasters, protracted, and forgotten crises


Tracking conflict worldwide

Data Futures Platform

Capturing meaningful, multidimensional and actionable insights to complex development challenges

Debt Management and Financial Analysis System

Ensuring proper debt management

Decent Work for Sustainable Development Resource Platform

Exploring the relationship between decent work and sustainable development

Deep Listening and Systemic transformation

Acceleration Dialogues Resource

Deep Listening and Systemic transformation

Acceleration Dialogues Resource

DesInventar Sendai

Analysing disaster trends

Development Finance Assessment

Mobilising resources to achieve the SDGs

Displacement Tracking Matrix

Tracking and monitoring displacement and population mobility