This Knowledge Bank includes UNDP’s SDG Integration tools as well as the SDG Acceleration Toolkit developed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG). You can choose to access both or either by checking or unchecking the box “See only SDG Acceleration Toolkit” below. Use the filters to sort across integration enablers, themes and functions. Please note that the subcategories under “Theme” are cross-cutting and apply to all three main themes in the dropdown menu.


The Need for Social Dialogue in Addressing the COVID-19 Crisis

Lessons learned and emerging practices from social dialogue

The UNHCR Tool for Participatory Assessment in Operations

Developing protection strategies through strengthened partnerships

The UNSDG Policy Operational Support to UNCTs on Human Rights in SDG Implementation

Integrating human rights across the 2030 Agenda

Towards a More Comprehensive Assessment of Fiscal Space

Quantitative measures of fiscal space

UNSDG Common Learning Package on Human Rights-based Approach

Root Cause Analysis, Role-Pattern Analysis and Capacity Gap Analysis

UNSDG Social Protection Coordination Toolkit

Coordinating the design and implementation of nationally defined social protection floors