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Climate Action Impact Tool

The Climate Action Impact Tool is an online application for development practitioners and the private sector that assesses impacts of mitigation and adaptation interventions across the SDGs, throug

h collection and measurement of both quantitative and qualitative data. The tool facilitates effective verification, monitoring and reporting of SDG impacts and helps the private sector make well-informed decisions about investments in sustainable development projects.

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Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF)

An Integrated National Financing Framework is a tool for governments and their partners to finance the SDGs at the national level.

The framework analyses all financing sources and non-financial means of implementation available to a country and designs a financing strategy to mobilise resources, manage risks, and achieve sustainable development targets.

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Development Finance Assessment (DFA)

The Development Finance Assessment (DFA) is a tool to for countries to finance the SDGs.

It helps identify opportunities to mobilise additional sources of finance and use existing financial resources more efficiently to achieve the 2030 Agenda.  The DFA offers support for governments and their partners in identifying and building consensus around solutions, aiming to address financing challenges through multi-stakeholder consultations and developing a joint road map that can support progress across a range of areas.

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The Business Call to Action Impact Lab

The Business Call to Action Impact Lab is a leading platform for inclusive businesses to better measure and manage their contribution to sustainable development.

The Lab guides businesses through an impact management process over four self-paced modules: defining an SDG aligned theory of change, designing an impact framework, collecting data, and managing and communicating impact on the SDGs.