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Guide to Data Innovation for Development
The Guide to Data Innovation for Development provides step-by-step guidance for development practitioners to leverage new sources of data or non-traditional data sources and methods, to gain a more nu
anced understanding of development challenges. The guide builds on successful case trials and walks users through the steps of jump-starting a data innovation project, from the design phase through the creation of a proof-of-concept.

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Combos approach

The combos approach helps governments and policy makers implement the 2030 Agenda based on the development priorities of their country.

The approach helps to frame a challenge, develop a theory of change, construct and implement a roadmap, and evaluate results.

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Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)

The Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) identifies multiple deprivations at the household and individual level in health, education and standard of living.

It uses micro data from household surveys which are aggregated into the national measure of poverty. The MPI is a valuable complement to income-based poverty measures for governments, policy makers and development practitioners, and allows comparisons between countries and regions, as well as within countries.

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Climate, land-use, energy and water systems (CLEWS) models

Climate, land-use, energy and water systems (CLEWS) models are tools for simultaneous consideration of food, energy and water security, targeting governments and policy makers.

The models are designed to assess how production and use of these resources may contribute to climate change, and how climate change may affect resource systems. By comparing different technologies and value chains, the models can identify pressure points, and indicate synergies and trade-offs to reach development goals. CLEWS can analyse policy decisions on issues such as the promotion of clean energy, competition for water and agricultural modernisation.

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International Futures (IF)

International Futures (IF) is a long-term modeling system consisting of multiple integrated submodule search representing different dimensions of development.

It can be used by development practitioners to gain analytical insights on the benefits of country reforms, SDG interventions or shocks. The model also contains an SDG module allowing the user to track how policy interventions affect SDG indicators and targets.