The pandemic is a stark reminder that people, planet and prosperity are intimately connected and must be balanced for a sustainable future

Scientists have warned for years that unrestricted deforestation, illegal wildlife trade, and zoonotic diseases would unleash an uncontrollable pandemic.

Alongside the devastating health effects of COVID-19, UNDP’s socio-economic assessments show that the poorest and most vulnerable are hardest hit by the pandemic, because the world was already on an unsustainable trajectory, with rampant inequalities and an accelerating climate crisis.

1.6 billion informal workers have lost 60 percent of their income (ILO)

265 million people face acute food insecurity (WFP)

70 million refugees and displaced persons risk disproportionate impacts

Crowded households, substance abuse and reduced support are causing a spike in gender-based violence (UN Women)

Beyond Recovery: Towards 2030

The crisis is an urgent call to revisit our values and behaviors, and an opportunity to design a new era of development, one that truly balances economic, social and environmental progress as envisioned by the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs.

That is why UNDP is focusing beyond recovery, towards 2030, to turn the greatest reversal of human development into an historic leap forward.

In addition to our technical lead role for the UN’s socioeconomic response, UNDP is investing in good governance, social protection, green economy and digital solutions as drivers of progress across the SDGs to help build better COVID-19 responses with longer-term sustainable outcomes.

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