Tackling COVID-19 in Libya means fighting a crisis upon crises

The conflict in Libya has left critical infrastructure and basic social services destroyed, and public institutions in Tripoli are facing a complex challenge in recovering affected areas. Against this backdrop, the COVID-19 pandemic adds to a deepening sense of insecurity and makes the need to address the political and economic crises even more urgent.

UNDP'S Response 

UNDP’s integrated approach focuses on three connected priority areas. The first is strengthening
national and local health systems by providing medical equipment such as oxygen plants, hospital beds and test kits, facilitating local production of personal protective equipment, and leveraging new technologies through our Accelerator Lab. 

The second is supporting governance and crisis management, by bringing together local and national authorities, civil society and private sector partners, to strengthen capacities throughout the country.
For example, UNDP is developing a telemedicine scheme to help authorities provide access to healthcare for vulnerable populations in remote areas, and is supporting civil society organizations with UN Women to gender mainstream COVID-19 responses.

Third, we address the socio-economic and human rights impacts. This includes assessments of the
labor market, small and mid-size enterprises and the informal sector to guide future COVID-19
response and recovery. Working with Tatweer Research, UNDP is mobilizing young Libyans to create
their own businesses and develop digital solutions to service delivery challenges. Together with all
UN agencies in Libya, we are supporting the fight against misinformation and hate speech through
the #stigmaaway social media campaign, aiming to improve the vulnerable situation for more
than 400,000 internally displaced persons and at least 48,000 asylum seekers and refugees. 

Focal Points

  • Emmanuel Maduike
    Development Programme Specialist
    UNDP Libya
  • Hilaria Espin
    Communications Specialist
    UNDP Libya