Assessing SDG impacts of climate project and programmes

The Climate Action Impact Tool is an online application for development practitioners and the private sector that assesses impacts of mitigation and adaptation interventions across the SDGs, through collection and measurement of both quantitative and qualitative data. The tool facilitates effective verification, monitoring and reporting of SDG impacts and helps the private sector make well-informed decisions about investments in sustainable development projects.






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Computer-based tools

Country Case


In 2018, UNDP applied the Climate Action Impact Tool to assess a crowdfunded project in Kenya which provides solar power home systems to off-grid areas via the start-up company BBOXX. The assessment showed that the project, which expected to give 300,000 people access to clean and affordable energy, would generate positive impacts on ten SDGs: poverty, health, education, gender equality, energy, jobs, infrastructure, equality, climate and partnerships. By reaching potential investors through the crowd investment platform, this positive assessment generated an increase by 129 percent in willingness to invest, a 42 percent increase in investments and a 32 percent increase in investment size.