UNDP supports countries on SDG integration

Why SDG integration?

From the climate crisis and COVID-19 pandemic to rising inequalities and protracted conflict – these challenges cannot be dealt with in isolation. The way countries respond and the solutions they develop must be integrated.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development mirrors this reality through its seventeen indivisible Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), covering the social, economic and environmental dimensions of development. The SDGs must be implemented in an integrated way to help countries tackle complex challenges and lay out a more sustainable future.

What is SDG integration?

With just less than a decade until 2030, the world requires new solutions and new ways of thinking, working, partnering and financing — to push past old development frontiers.

That is why UNDP is focusing on SDG integration, an approach to development that targets systems – not just thematic sectors – to address all aspects of a complex challenge, including its root causes and its ripple effects across economies, societies and natural ecosystems.

UNDP’s integration portfolio is focused on supporting stakeholders with approaches, methods, capabilities and spaces to go from knowing that complex development challenges require integrated approaches to ‘doing’ integration and leading systems change on a daily basis.

Our partners

UNDP is part of the UN development system (UNDS) and works with UN Resident Coordinators, and as a part of UN Country Teams, to support countries achieve the 2030 Agenda. Our capacity to work across the SDG spectrum, including on policy and programming, data and analytics, financing, and innovation, supports the UNDS to deliver an integrated and multidimensional approach to the SDGs.

Integrated action is only possible if the creativity and knowhow of all of society is harnessed. UNDP partners with national and sub-national governments, communities, civil society, academia and the private sector to build sustainable solutions that respond to people’s daily realities.