Mainstreaming the SDGs into national and local plans

The Rapid Integrated Assessment (RIA) helps governments and policymakers mainstream the SDGs into national and local plans by measuring countries’ readiness to implement the Goals. The assessment identifies gaps in alignment between SDG targets and national and sub-national development plans and is as such a first step to mainstream the 2030 Agenda into specific country and local contexts.

Relevant Enablers: 

Country case


As a first step to support the government in developing a roadmap to guide the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the integration of the SDGs into national development plans and policies, UNDP conducted a Rapid Integrated Assessment of Jamaica’s 41 planning documents in 2016. The assessment identified key gaps in alignment with the SDGs, cross-sectoral linkages for SDG target implementation, and entry points for SDG acceleration. The RIA validated the planning approach of the government, embodied in its Vision 2030, and helped inform the roadmap for SDG implementation, which was endorsed by the Cabinet as a signal of high-level political commitment.