Financing the SDGs at the national level

Integrated National Financing Frameworks (INFFs) are a tool to finance national priorities and operationalize the Addis Ababa Action Agenda at the national level. A country’s sustainable development strategy lays out what needs to be financed. Integrated national financing frameworks spell out how the national strategy will be financed and implemented.  

The thematic chapter aims to provide guidance to Member States as they design and implement INFFs, informed by lessons from early implementation efforts. It presents four building blocks for operationalisation: (i) assessments and diagnostics; (ii) design of the financing strategy; (iii) mechanisms for monitoring, review and accountability; and (iv) governance and coordination mechanisms. 






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Country case

Solomon Islands

With support from UNDP, Solomon Islands government undertook a Development Finance Assessment (DFA) in 2018 from which the country developed its INFF (Solomon Islands Integrated Financing Framework, SIIFF). The SIIFF aims to guide the government in mobilising and securing development cooperation and assistance of development partners, private sector and other stakeholders in the areas and sectors that would bring about the desired objectives of the National Development Strategy, SDGs, and other global commitments. The SIIFF is designed to articulate a holistic approach to mobilising and investing the finance that is needed to realise the objectives of the NDS through institutional coordination, public-private collaboration and policy reforms. It is envisaged that SIIFF will also play an important role in supporting the smooth transition process for the Solomon Islands graduation from the LDC status.