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SDG Integration Workstreams

Four dedicated workstreams help countries develop integrated solutions. The workstreams are not focused on individual SDGs but on the gaps between them – the missing pieces that can make the whole of the 2030 Agenda possible.

Data and Analytics

UNDP leverages data and analytics to drive evidence-based policy making and systemic SDG investments. We apply new data, including geo-referenced data and multi-layered mapping to measure development progress and understand how SDG targets interact; as well as new analytics, simulations and forecasting to help countries map out future development scenarios, navigate uncertainty and create portfolios of options.

Innovation and Learning

SDG Integration pioneers new ways of doing development that build UNDP’s and partners’ capabilities to navigate 21st century challenges, deliver change at scale and deal with the pace of uncertainty. We source local solutions, support experimentation and scaling, and inject approaches and methods such as systems design, sense-making, collective intelligence and solution mapping into development.

Knowledge Bank

Explore tools, resources and collaboration opportunities that help move SDG Integration from paper to practice