Integrated solutions for sustainable development

Next Generation solutions to help countries solve the world's most pressing development challenges



Today’s development challenges - from climate crisis, to rising inequalities and protracted conflict - cannot be dealt with in isolation. The way countries work and the solutions they develop must be integrated.

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What is SDG

SDG integration is a systems approach to complex development challenges. It promotes learning to help countries reach their development ambitions.

By harnessing systemic approaches, SDG integration connects issues across sectors and thematic areas and leverages the creativity and knowhow of all of society – from national and sub-national governments and communities to civil society, academia and the private sector – to build solutions that respond to people’s daily realities.


With just over a decade left before the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 deadline, UNDP and our UN partners are working together to help countries tackle complexity more effectively; to achieve big results – fast -- with a focus on the systems that will define development of the future.

In 2018, UNDP and fellow UN agencies supported 97 projects in 38 countries through integrated MAPS engagements (Mainstreaming, Acceleration, and Policy Support), helping countries align on planning and budgeting processes to shift the goals from commitments to action.

As part of the UN Development System, UNDP has put in place four dedicated streams of work to support countries in their efforts to design policy and programmes for the future, access and generate finance, source and analyse data, and drive innovation and learning – expanding elements of SDG 17 on partnerships.

The four streams of work are not focused on individual Goals but on the gaps between them – the missing pieces that make whole of Agenda 2030 possible. 

The four workstreams are:


There are arguably more global resources available than at any other point in history. But there remains a gulf between how resources are spent, and the investments required to achieve the 2030 Agenda. We help countries identify innovative ways to redirect public and private contributions towards sustainable development and align investments with the Goals. Our SDG Finance Sector Hub supports governments, business and financial institutions from a suite of methods and tools designed to finance the end of poverty and protection of the planet. 

Featured Resources

  • Development Finance Assessment

    Countries face a number of challenges in developing an integrated approach to financing the SDGs

    The cover of the Development Finance Assessment - Multi-coloured puzzle pieces making up the globe
  • BCTA Impact Lab

    The BCtA Impact Lab is the leading platform for inclusive businesses to better measure and manage their impact

    The front page of the BCtA Impact Lab website - An animated small town with a farm and a big city in the background
  • Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF)

    Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF) will bring together public and private finance policy and institutions to deepen the approach towards financing the SDGs.

    The SDG Finance Collaborative Logo - The SDG Wheel with all 17 SDG colours and a money sign in the middle of the wheel

Featured Initiatives

  • SDG Finance Sector Hub

    UNDP's SDG Finance Sector Hub offers a comprehensive package of methods and tools to support governments, the private sector and international financial institutions (IFIs) to scale up financing for the SDGs.  We aim to multiply the number of countries using integrated national financing frameworks, support better use of domestic resources, align international investment flows with the SDGs and increase public and private financial contributions for the Goals.  The hub is an experiment in building an agile innovation platform that draws a critical mass for UNDP expertise, initiatives and partnerships to support the mobilisation and leveraging of significant resources for the SDGs, at both national and global levels.

    The main image for the SDG Finance Hub - Light grey on white that looks like a set of architectural design plans
  • SDG Impact

    Achieving the SDGs requires all-hands on deck, including the private sector.  But only a fraction of assets currently invested by banks, pension funds, insurers and transnational corporations contribute to achieve the Goals.

    The SDG Impact initiative aims to make it easier for businesses and investors to help achieve the 2030 Agenda.  By providing a one stop shop with unified standards, a global certification, trainings, tools and services, we guide investments from transformational change and help identify SDG Investment opportunities in emerging economies.

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The SDG colour wheel with individual colours representing each of the 17 SDGs

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